There are still a lot of kitchen decoration skills. Everyone needs to understand the main design schemes of kitchen decoration when decorating. These contents are very important little common sense, and you need to know more about them. Let’s take a look at how to decorate and design the kitchen, and what are the kitchen design specifications. These are the contents that need to be understood during the decoration process. There are certain references for the decoration. The following editor will give a specific introduction.

If you want the kitchen area to be more comfortable to use, it must be about 10 square meters, and at the same time ensure that the kitchen has enough lighting. If the kitchen area is large enough, a small dining table can be placed, and a rug or patterned floor tile can be placed under the dining table to divide the space. If the kitchen area is small, you should pay attention to the storage problem.

With the increasing number of kitchen appliances in each family, it is necessary to ensure that they have a place and reserve sockets in appropriate locations. At the same time, it should be noted that fire prevention and heat resistance are the primary considerations for kitchen decoration. Do not place the power supply on wooden cabinets to avoid unnecessary safety hazards.

Generally speaking, the height of the gas cooktop is 700mm from the ground.

We all know that there is a lot of garbage in the kitchen, and it is easy to emit a peculiar smell, so the garbage cans are placed in hidden places, such as: under the sink. If it is not practical, it is better to put the trash can outside.

It is believed that most people have floor drains on the ground, and the grounding parts of the cabinets are made of waterproof materials, which can effectively prevent the cabinets from being deformed due to moisture.

The next point about kitchen gas is very important, that is, the gas pipeline cannot be hidden, the purpose is to facilitate meter reading. There is no open pipe between the gas and the water heater, but the method of burying the pipe in the wall is adopted. There is the electrical power switch to be pre-designed.

When designing a kitchen, the primary consideration is lighting, ventilation, lighting and other effects. In terms of design, concealed works should be done well, especially the position of the socket should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the overall aesthetics and practicability.

Cabinet customization When customizing cabinets, you should pay attention to the level of the gussets. When installing the water pipe, remember to point it upward, otherwise, if the hose of the faucet is too short, you must buy a longer one.

The above content introduces the problem of how to decorate and design the kitchen. In fact, there are still many design methods. For example, the design plan should be comprehensively made from the area of ​​the kitchen, the space of the kitchen, and the selection of some materials. What are the kitchen design specifications? You can use these common sense of design. For example, to ensure the lighting and lighting of the space, and to do a good job of waterproofing, these are all very important.

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