modern farmhouse kitchen light fixtures

Whether you have a traditional farmhouse style home or modern home, there are several different types of modern farmhouse kitchen light fixtures to choose from. These lights can add a unique twist to your kitchen and provide enough light for you to get the job done. These lights are also great for restaurants and bars, so they are a great addition to any home.

A classic gooseneck barn light adds farmhouse lighting style to your home. It is a good choice for a kitchen or pantry, since it is practical and looks great. It also adds a touch of class.

Another farmhouse light fixture you might want to consider is the wood and metal pendant light. It is a good choice for hanging over a medium-sized kitchen table. The light fixture has a wood grain finish that adds a rustic feel. It also has a matte black finish that gives it a modern look. It comes with numerous colored shades, so you can choose one that fits the color scheme of your kitchen. It is also available in six different lengths.

Another farmhouse lighting idea is the old-fashioned lantern. It makes a great addition to a kitchen or breakfast nook. It can be placed over a dining table, and it gives a classy feel to the room. It also comes with ground wire and mounting hardware, so you can easily assemble it.

A multi-light wooden beam chandelier is a good choice for a farmhouse kitchen. It has a wooden frame with a stain finish that adds an authentic farmhouse feel. It also comes with a fabric covered lamp cord. It can be used with any E12 bulb that has a maximum power of 60W.

A semi-flush mount chandelier light is also a good option for a farmhouse kitchen. It has slats that extend out from the chandelier, forming an open style shade. Its arms support two metal bands that have a wood grain finish. The bands add a bit of elegance, as does the shade. It is also a good choice for a kitchen with a low ceiling. It also comes with a decorative cage hood that uses energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

Using a reclaimed wood window as a backdrop for the fixture is a great idea. It also helps reflect light, which makes it a pretty accent. The lamp also has a nice looking bell shaped shade.

If you are in the market for a unique and unique lighting fixture, a galvanized ceiling light is a good choice. It is designed to look like milk jugs, and it is a great way to add some shabby chic flair to your home. It comes with cloth covered lamp cords, and plugs into any wall outlet. It also has a chipped white finish and comes with two cord clamps.

Using an old-fashioned glass jar as a lamp is also a great idea. It is a nice accent, and it shines when it is lit. It also brings the farmhouse look up to date. It is also a good idea to use a plain white shade, as it keeps the lamp style simple.