Hall is the first place that visitors notice when they’re entering a home or a building. The way we design and decorate the hall area undoubtedly speaks volumes about our attitude towards aesthetics and design. One of the most impactful ways to add sophistication, style, and value to any hall is by adding a pop ceiling design.

Understanding Pop Ceiling Design:

Pop ceiling design is the art of adding a three-dimensional element to the ceiling using plaster of Paris (POP) or gypsum board. The term “pop” comes from the fact that POP is mixed with water, shaped into the desired shape, and then hardened. The process of installing a pop ceiling is time-consuming and requires a skilled professional to help add texture and design intricacy.

Benefits of Pop Ceiling Design:

One of the biggest benefits of pop ceiling design is that it adds a more personalized touch to any room. The designs can be as simple or as complex as one wants, with the added flexibility of choosing between various shapes, shades, and textures, thus giving users nearly unlimited options.

Another advantage of pop ceiling design is that a pop ceiling can hide any cabling or wiring that is present, keeping hallways or rooms looking neater and more aesthetically pleasing. These ceilings also help to absorb sound, thus helping to maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere inside of busy buildings.

Types of Pop Ceiling Designs:

There are many different types of pop ceiling designs, ranging from the contemporary to the traditional. Some of the most popular designs include the false ceiling design, the cornice design, and the multilevel pop ceiling.

The false ceiling design involves mounting a secondary ceiling below the primary ceiling, and then running in lighting, fans, or ductwork in the space between the two. This design gives the space a more luxurious and finished look, and also adds a lot of functionality.

Cornice design involves adding a decorative wooden or plaster strip to the topmost part of the wall. This strip provides an excellent way to create a chic and stunning finish and adds elegance to any space.

Multilevel pop ceilings add a sense of depth and creativity to hallways or living rooms. These designs add an additional level of beauty by breaking up the space and providing a sense of continuity between different parts of the room.