The Fase 520 Lamp has been a timeless piece of design that has been appreciated for many years. This article explores the design, history, and functionality of this iconic piece of lighting.


The Fase 520 Lamp was designed by the Spanish designer Pedro Martínez in the 1960s. The design has a sleek and timeless form, which makes it a perfect addition to any room. The lamp is made of metal and has a base with a polished finish, which adds to its overall elegance.


The Fase 520 Lamp comes in various colors, but the most popular are matte black and white. The matte finish gives the lamp a subtle yet striking look.


The dimensions of the Fase 520 Lamp are 50cm x 50cm x 170cm, which makes it a perfect height for use as a floor lamp.


The Fase 520 Lamp was first designed in the 1960s and became an instant success. Its sleek and timeless design has made it a popular choice for designers and architects alike. The original Fase 520 Lamp is now considered a collectible item, and many people spend large amounts of money to acquire one.


In the 1990s, there was a revival of interest in the Fase 520 Lamp. Many people were drawn to its design, and it became popular again, especially for use in contemporary interiors.


The Fase 520 Lamp is not only a piece of art, but it is also functional. The design of the lamp allows for it to provide lighting in a room while also adding an artistic and decorative touch.

Adjustable Arm

One of the key features of the Fase 520 Lamp is its adjustable arm. The arm can be moved to direct the lighting in the desired direction, making it a versatile piece of furniture.

Lighting Modes

The Fase 520 Lamp also has different lighting modes. These modes allow for different levels of lighting to be achieved, depending on the situation. The lamp can be used to create a relaxing ambiance or to provide bright light for activities such as reading.