Lighting plays an essential role in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment in any space. A well-designed lamp not only illuminates a room but also adds character and style to the interior. Lambert et Fils is a renowned lighting design studio based in Montreal, Canada that has been creating exceptional lighting fixtures since 2010. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of Lambert et Fils lamps and how they are making a mark in the design world.

A Design Philosophy Rooted in Tradition

Lambert et Fils’ design philosophy is deeply rooted in traditional techniques and materials; they celebrate the beauty of handcrafted lighting fixtures. The studio’s founder, Samuel Lambert, studied industrial design at the University of Montreal and focused on furniture design. He later became fascinated with the art of lighting and started Lambert et Fils in 2010. The studio’s designs reflect Samuel’s passion for traditional lighting methods combined with modern flair.

The History of Lambert et Fils

Samuel Lambert started experimenting with lighting design while he was still studying at the University of Montreal. He began designing lamps and chandeliers as a hobby before launching Lambert et Fils. The studio’s name is inspired by his grandfather Lambert, who was a blacksmith and carpenter. Samuel’s grandfather taught him the value of handcrafted work, which has influenced his design philosophy. Today, Lambert et Fils is recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative design studios, and their lighting fixtures are in high demand worldwide.

The Signature Style of Lambert et Fils

The signature style of Lambert et Fils is a beautiful combination of traditional techniques and modern materials. The studio’s designs are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors. They are creative, elegant, and versatile, making them perfect for a wide range of interiors. Some of the signature styles of Lambert et Fils include:

The Laurent Collection

The Laurent Collection is one of Lambert et Fils’ most popular designs. It features a series of suspended lamps that are inspired by the classic geometric forms of the Bauhaus movement. The lamps are made of bent brass and are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. They provide warm, ambient lighting and are perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and other gathering spaces.

The Beaubien Collection

The Beaubien Collection is named after the street where Lambert et Fils’ workshop is located. The pendant lamps feature a simple, cylindrical shape with a ribbed texture. The texture creates a beautiful interplay of light and shadow, adding a subtle depth to any interior. The Beaubien Collection is made of spun aluminum, powder-coated steel, and a fabric-covered cord. The collection includes three different sizes and several color options.

Materials and Production

Lambert et Fils’ lighting fixtures are crafted using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. They use a variety of materials, including brass, aluminum, steel, and blown glass. All of the materials are carefully selected for their aesthetic and functional qualities. The studio collaborates with local craftspeople to produce many of their lighting fixtures, ensuring that each piece is meticulously made by hand.

The Brass Collection

The Brass Collection is one of Lambert et Fils’ most remarkable designs. It features a range of lamps and fixtures made of spun brass. The brass is hand-polished to a high shine, and the fixtures are available in several finishes, including brushed, matte, and polished. The Brass Collection is a testament to the studio’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Blown Glass Collection

The Blown Glass Collection is another iconic design from Lambert et Fils. The collection features a selection of pendant lamps made of hand-blown glass. The glass is shaped by skilled artisans using ancient techniques, resulting in luminous, organic shapes. The Blown Glass Collection is available in several colors and finishes and is compatible with a variety of LED bulbs.


Lambert et Fils’ lighting fixtures are not only sources of light but also artworks that add value to any interior. The studio’s unique approach to design, rooted in tradition, and infused with modern flair, has led to the creation of some of the most iconic lighting fixtures of our time. Their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail sets them apart from other lighting design studios. Whether you’re looking for ambient light, task lighting, or a statement piece, you’re sure to find your perfect match among Lambert et Fils’ stunning collections.