antique lamp

If you are interested in buying an antique lamp, there are many ways to do so. You can search online auction sites to find a specific lamp. Some of the most popular auction sites are eBay and Collectors Weekly. You can also try Etsy, a popular online marketplace for antique lamps. A website called antiquelampsupply also offers a large selection of antique lamps for sale.

Art Nouveau

This antique lamp features a curved stained glass shade and is a fine example of an Art Nouveau design. This piece is from the 1910s. The lamp has a green marble base with amber glass inserts. It stands approximately 18 3/4 inches tall. The lamp is in excellent condition and has no damage. It also features a rewired socket.


A Victorian antique lamp is a beautiful piece of furniture that is sure to bring a sense of elegance to any room. It is made of durable linen and features a delicate bell-shaped silhouette. The fabric has a gold color and features ribbing and stitching details that highlight the form. This type of lamp is best paired with a wooden or clear glass lamp base. It is also a great choice for a modern interior.


The Tiffany antique lamp is a beautiful, rare, and highly sought-after piece of art. Its handcrafted colored glass shades make it an incredibly expensive collector’s item. Most are produced between the years of 1890 and 1930, and can fetch a small fortune. Because these lamps are so rare, identifying them can be a daunting task, but there are certain characteristics that can help you spot an authentic one.

Reverse painting

If you are looking for an antique lamp with a unique design, consider reverse painting it. This type of painting involves repainting the antique lamp’s original finish with a new one. This process creates a unique lamp with a vintage look and feel.

Slag glass

This arts and crafts style slag glass antique lamp has a bronzed baluster shaft with a curved slag glass shade. The shade has no chips or cracks and retains the original pull chains. It stands approximately twenty-five inches tall and weighs four pounds.


If you are looking for a classic and beautiful lamp for your home, consider purchasing a Torchiere antique lamp. These lamps are well-known for their beautiful, stained glass shades and the accompanying details. Their shape is distinctive as they are round and their bases are often adorned with a dragonfly motif. Other characteristics of a Torchiere antique lamp include a bronze finish, long legs, and an antique Italian design.