mid century lamp

If you are planning to purchase a mid century lamp, you may be wondering which style to choose. If you are looking for a design that will add decor value to your room, choose a shade that is similar in design to the interior of your home. Also, take into consideration the size of the lamp shade since this will determine its fit within the decor of your home. You should choose a lamp shade that is at least 3/4 the height of the base and the width should be larger than the height.

Art Deco

The Mid century Art Deco lamp is a stunning style that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. These beautiful lamps are typically made of glass, brass, or metal. They have been produced for many years and there are many variations of these styles. Some popular mid century designs are by Marius-Ernest Sabino, Eileen Gray, or Atelier Jean Perzel.

Decorative elements in these lamps include geometric patterns. These patterns were often engraved on the metal lamp post, or painted on the glass shade. Glass shades tended to be painted in bright colours during the Art Deco movement.

Snoopy lamp

Despite its playful appearance, the Snoopy mid century lamp is not a cheap or flimsy item. It is sturdy and well-made, and its materials are high-quality. It has a marble base and an enameled metal reflector. The Snoopy lamp is the perfect accent lamp for your bedroom or living room.

The Snoopy lamp was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967, and it is considered a mid century modern classic. It features a white Carrara marble base and an integral touch-dimmer switch. This lamp was discontinued in the 1990s, but it was reintroduced in 2003 by Italian design firm FLOS.

Fontana lamp

If you’re looking for a mid-century modern lamp that will spruce up your living room, you may want to consider the Fontana Arte lamp. Designed by Nathalie Grenon, this floor lamp features a walnut base and frosted glass shades. The shade is easily lifted with a finger. The lamp has been updated with a new white fabric shade. The lamp’s age is indicated by a few marks on the lamp, but its original condition is still quite good.

The Fontana Arte table lamp, designed by Gae Aulenti, is another great example. Made of opaline glass and metal, this piece was produced in the 1960s. The blown glass globe on the base is satin white. The body of the lamp is curved. It also comes with a matching glass shade that covers a bulb.

Greta Magnusson-Grossman lamp

Greta Magnusson-Grosman was an influential Swedish architect and furniture designer. After working briefly for Westerberg’s on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, she opened her own studio in the early 1930s. She made lamps, furniture, and accessories. Her Cobra desk lamp won the Good Design Award in 1950. When she moved to the US in 1940, her style was an instant hit, and her lamps quickly became icons of mid-century style.

Known for her innovative designs, Greta Magnusson-Grosschman combines Scandinavian heritage with a touch of the West Coast. Her innovative and timeless designs are still popular today, and her influence on the design world is only growing with time. Her Cobra table lamp and Grashoppa floor lamp are among the best-known examples of mid-century lighting.

Arco lamp

The iconic Arco floor lamp reflects Italian design sensibilities and is a popular addition to any home. The Arco floor lamp features a sleek metal shade and a marble base, which acts as a counterbalance for the lamp’s shape. Its simple, uncomplicated form adds panache to any room. Designed by the Castiglioni brothers of Italy, this iconic lamp is a favorite among design lovers.

This iconic lighting fixture first debuted in 1962 and gained much attention among designers and architects alike. Eventually, it was included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Triennale Museum in Milan. Since its release, this lamp has been a favorite in the catalogs of mid-century designs.